get a professional book cover design and boost your book sales.

Huloq Books helps you make beautiful book covers and also promote and boost your book sales through our digital marketing platform.

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Professional Custom Book Cover Design Service

Simple Pricing, High Quality Design

Team Power

We are a team. So your project never gets stuck with one single person. Our designers can provide you multiple options and concepts.

Trust Our Customers

We are probably the only design firm that doesn't charge you an advance. You don't pay until you see your prototypes.

100% Royalty Free

Above all, our designs are always ROYALTY FREE. You own 100% rights. We also provide you the native design files.

Industry Experience

We are also publishers. We know the intrinsic nuances of the book and publishing trade.

Reputed Service

We have worked with all major book printers and POD publishers in the US, UK and Canada.

Digital Marketing

We are probably the only design agency who understand the importance digital marketing plays in sales. We help you measure, strategise and improve your marketing campaigns.

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