Build your own
Multilingual Scheduling E-Commerce Lead Generation

WhatsApp chatbot in minutes

Huloq helps businesses leverage WhatsApp and engage better with their customers

Go direct-to-consumer with Whatsapp. 🚀

Enable basic WhatsApp commerce

WhatsApp commerce is the next big thing. Start selling and transacting with 2Bn people by building your next eComm channel


Shared inbox with live chat

Use the chatbot when you're away and start chatting whenever you're back. Multiple team members can access one WhatsApp number.

Easy appointment scheduling

Enable your customers to book more appointments with you on the most used app in India.

Build your own bot with no code

A simple no-code platform to help anyone build a bot and automate their business.

Send and receive files with ease

Keep track of all files sent and received in an organised intuitive dashboard. Files are uploaded to cloud and you can access them anytime.


Easily keep track of leads and follow up

Automatically log user data on your simple WhatsApp + Google sheet CRM


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